~ The Story ~

An empty book is a story waiting to be told. 'Live and live on' is advice on growing old. When two people who "can't" fall in love fall hard anyway, the real world has consequences. Against all odds, Sam and Daisy pen a story of heart, purpose, and leaving a legacy.

The Book of Empty Pages is a brand new pop musical that begs the question: is 'happily ever after' the end of a love story or simply the beginning?

Performances: November 24th, November 25th, December 1st, December 2nd, and December 9th - All shows begin at 7:00 PM

The Book Of Empty Pages

Premiering Black Friday

"dreams don't always come true,
but the art of dreaming is far more valuable than truth."

The cast and crew can access the latest information about the show’s rehearsal schedule using the link below.

All great shows require great talent. Announcing the cast and crew for Southwest High School’s 50th musical production.

This production would not be possible without the time, talents and dedication of all the people working behind the scenes.