The Book of Empty Pages

Character Descriptions

Principal Roles – 6 male, 2 female

DAISY: (2 solos, 5 duets, 2 cameos — 190 lines) 24-year old ingénue with dyed-pink hair; endearing & sweet. Think Claire Cleary from “Wedding Crashers”.

SAm: (4 solos, 2 duets, 2 cameos — 164 lines) 23-year old African-American musician; charismatic &charming. think Ben Warren from “Grey’s Anatomy”.

NANCY: (2 solos, 1 cameo — 92 lines) 45-year old new center supervisor; crabby chain-smoker; played by a male; antagonist. Think Frances McDormand.

H: (1 solo, 1 duet, 2 cameos — 79 lines) 35-year old pharmacist; very flamboyant and a nemesis to Nancy. Think Cameron Tucker meets Kurt Hummel.

JACK: (1 solo, 2 cameos — 60 lines) 55-year old; Daisy’s father & Larry’s former traditionalist pastor; dynamic. Think Mr. Simon from “That’s What I Am”.

DIRK: (1 duet, 2 cameos, 1 dance — 34 lines) 28-year old; Daisy’s husband; alcoholic; wears flannels and chews tobacco; antagonist. Think Earl from “Waitress”.

LARRY: (3 cameos — 46 lines) 78-year old cranky patient at Franklin Mills; which he founded to help wife; dynamic character. Think Jerry Stiller.

AMY: (1 duet, 2 cameos — 38 lines) 22-year old outspoken patient; pretty, but dumb; filter-less. Think Erin from “The Office” or Nicky from “Orange is the New Black”.

Supporting Roles – 2 male, 5 female

DENISE & ALICE: (3 songs — 29 & 27 lines) 35-year old custodians; natural complainers and, therefore, gravitate towards comprising Nancy’s posse.

DOCTOR, FRANK, MARY JANE, SOPHIA, & WEMBLEY: (6 songs, — 12-20 lines) Patients: W-blind; MJ-druggie, F/S-sarcastic.

Ensemble Featured Roles – 3 male, 2 female

YOUNG DAISY (#2/8), SAM’S DOUBLE (#2/16), DAISY’S DOUBLE (#8/16): character doubles/cameo roles in song.

NEWS ANCHOR (#11), HOT SHIRTLESS NEIGHBOR (#13): one-time cameo roles; can easily double as other roles.


Referenced, but never seen (may be ‘heard’ on the other end of the telephone): TOMMY, ELIZABETH, DAISY’S MOM, SAM’S PARENTS, DONNIE, INGRID, HELEN, & EARL



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