The Book of Empty Pages

Character Descriptions

Principal Roles – 4 female, 3 male

Sam: 23-year old recent college graduate, who nearly dies after the drunk driving accident. The protagonist of the show.
– (3 solos, 3 duets, 1 cameo)

Daisy: 25-year old ingénue, who is charming and sweet, but stuck in an abusive marriage. Falls in love with Sam.
– (2 solos, 4 duets, 2 cameos)

Nancy: 60-year old night custodian, who is the crabby, wrinkly, chain-smoker antagonist. Think Frances McDormand.
– (2 solos)

Jack: 55-year old conservative pastor, who is also Daisy’s father. Dynamic character.
– (1 solo, 2 cameos)

H: 35-year old day custodian. Cameron Tucker’s expressions meet Will Ferrell’s articulate delivery in a Swerski’s body.
– (1 solo, 1 duet, 2 cameos)

Vivian: 40-year old hospicedirector, who is African-American, well-spoken, and confident. Think Viola Davis.
– (2 cameos)

Anne: 20-year old hospice receptionist, who is a bubbly, helpful, and upbeat redhead. Think Ellie Kemper.
– (1 duet, 2 cameos)

Supporting Roles – 2 female, 3 male

Larry: Sam’s roommate who’s been at Franklin Mills for 5 years, since his wife died. He ranges from crabby to generous.

Dr. Edwards: Sam’s doctor. 40 years old and attractive, with slicked back hair and glasses, with many long lines in 1-8.

Dirk: Daisy’s husband. 30 years old with a rugged appearance. He is a downer with a scary temper.

Denise/Alice: Nancy’s right-hand girls. They have singing and speaking lines in a couple scenes.

Featured Roles – 2 female, 5 male, 4 either

Nurse (Bonnie): appears in several scenes as Sam’s nurse. Her longest interaction with him happens in 1-6.

Ralph Gunderson: a college freshman who is roped into the rap-off in 1-1.

Paula Ragnowski: leader of the popular sorority girls at the frat party in 1-1. She is the ultra confident feminist.

Oswald: graduation party host who rapsin 1-1. Cocky, clean-cut, attractive, frat boy.

Thomas, Geno, Bobby: custodians on H’s team with various lines in 2-1.

Patients #1-4: at least one singing line and/or several speaking lines in 1-4, 1-9, & 2-1 (especially #4).

Cameo Roles – 6 female, 4 male, 10 either

Elizabeth: Sam’s blonde girlfriend

Grandpa #1-4, Grandma#1-4: singing patients in “Head Over Heels.”

Man #1-2, Woman #1-2, Partyer #1-2, Patients #5-9: speaking partyers in 1-1 or patients in 1-8 or 2-1.



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