The Book of Empty Pages


In 2023, a hand-picked cast of performers will debut 8 professional performances at Broadway Theatre in DePere, WI from July 12-22, 2023.
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The Book of Empty Pages cast photos and names - 1 of 2
The Book of Empty Pages cast photos and names - 2 of 2

Administrative Team

Artistic Director
Brandon M. Rockstroh

Maggie Bigelow Tada, Emily Marshall, and Sean Nelson

Matthew Fleming –

Carly Appel

Web Developer
Don Nelson

Carly Appel, Alicia Birder, Paige Lawrence, Sean Nelson, Luke Pisani, Diana Pokotylo, and Zach Spice


The Book of Empty Pages, Inc. is now officially registered as a Non-Stock Corporation in the State of Wisconsin and the organization has garnered 501(c)3 status.

The next step for musicals at this point in development is to fundraise, knowing full-well that next-level performances will cost tens of thousands per run, which falls squarely on the shoulders of the composers/writers. For information on how to donate, please email